Upgrading the LulzBot to a Dual Surface Bed

Here at Digi-Key we do a lot of 3D printing for various projects going on throughout the building. This causes normal wear and tear on our printers and maintenance is required to keep the machines running at their peak performance.

One of the printers we use is the TAZ 6 from LulzBot. This printer comes standard with a heated bed kit that has a PEI (Polyetherimide) print surface. The PEI sheet needs to be replaced over time as part of routine maintenance. PEI is a great surface for most print material, however it’s not always the ideal solution. Thankfully, LulzBot offers a dual print surface that can easily be implemented in a timely manner. The dual print surface is composed of a borosilicate glass plate with a PEI sheet on one side and bare glass on the other.

LulzBot TAZ Glass/PEI Print Surface

To complete the printed bed upgrade the user will also need the modular print bed heater. Remove the old bed by unplugging the connectors and removing the four screws and washers holding the bed in place. Then, place the new modular print bed heater down and set the dual print surface on top of it. Replace the washers and plug the connectors in. To change from glass to PEI, remove the washers, flip the print surface plate, and replace the washers.

LulzBot TAZ Modular Print Surface

If you are ready to upgrade your printer bed and surface plate, head over to our YouTube channel and watch a member of our Applications Engineering Team demonstrate the process in our video.

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