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Image of Texas Instruments' ADC3643 Dual-Channel 14-Bit ADC
ADC3643 Low-Power Dual-Channel 14-Bit ADC

Texas Instruments' ADC3643 dual-channel 14-bit ADC offers very good DC precision with IF sampling support making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Image of TDK-Lambda's TPS4000 Series 3-Phase 4080 W 24 V Industrial Power Supply
TPS4000 Series 3-Phase 4080 W Industrial Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda's TPS4000 series 4080 W industrial power supplies operates from 400 VAC, 440 VAC, and 480 VAC Delta and Wye inputs.

Image of ROHM's BD783xxEFJ-M Monaural Series Speaker Amps
BD783xxEFJ-M Monaural Series Speaker Amps for Automotive

ROHM's BD783xxEFJ-M monaural series speaker amps are suitable for applications where the mode changes often between a shutdown state and an active state.

Image of Stewart Connector's SealJack™ Harsh Environment Modular Cable Applied Series
SealJack™ Harsh Environment Modular Cable Series Expanded

Stewart Connector announces the SealJack cable applied series, providing reliability and functionality that is necessary when Ethernet is utilized in harsh environment applications.

Image of Knowles SV Series Capacitor
SV Series Capacitors

Knowles’ SV series capacitor assemblies for power supply filtering applications.

Image of Excelta's LazerLine Angled Wire Cutters
LazerLine® Angled Wire Cutters

Excelta’s 50-degree LazerLine angled wire cutters provide extra clearance for powerful, high-precision wire cutting in confined or awkward spaces.

Image of Excelta's LazerLine Angled Wire Cutters
Long-Nose Fine-Tip Wire Cutters

Excelta’s long-nose, fine-tip wire cutters have been carefully engineered to make precise cuts where other tools can’t fit.

Image of Signal Transformer's High Current Choke / Inductor Design Kits – HCTC and HCTI Series
High-Current Choke/Inductor Design Kits - HCTC and HCTI Series

Signal Transformer's HCTC/HCTI series high-current choke/inductor design kits are suitable for applications such as power factor circuits.

Image of Taiwan Semiconductor's LED Driver Offers Single Solution for Automotive Applications
LED Driver Offers Single Solution for Automotive Applications

Taiwan Semiconductor’s TS19501 does provide designers with more flexibility, lower pin count and typically lower external parts count.

Image of OSI Optoelectronics' Photodiode Amplifier Hybrid Series
Photodiode Amplifier Hybrid Series

OSI Optoelectronics' Photops™ photodiode amplifier hybrid series have an integrated package ensuring low noise output under a variety of operating conditions.

Image of ATS' Expert Thermal Management of PCIe Cards
Expert Thermal Management of PCIe® Cards

ATS PCIe® extrusion profiles are off the shelf solutions specifically for the thermal management of PCIe cards.

Image of Ideal-Tek's TX Cutters
TX Cutters

Ideal-Tek's TX cutters feature tungsten-carbide blades that are suitable for applications in the medical device market.

Image of Efinix's Xyloni® Development Kit
Xyloni® Development Kit

The Xyloni® development board features the Efinix T8F81C2 programmable device in an 81-ball FBGA package which is fabricated using Quantum™ technology.

Image of Lin Engineering Hybrid Stepper Motors
Hybrid Stepper Motors

Lin Engineering’s hybrid stepper motors are built with high-quality components and are highly reliable.

Image of Lin Engineering PM Stepper Motors
PM Stepper Motors

Lin Engineering’s permanent magnet stepper motors have a compact design and are available in a wide range of speeds.